Bernette sewing machines at Bambers, in Manchester.


Bernette sewing machines offer excellent value for money. Sturdy and reliable, they are well made and simple to operate. A low cost alternate from the Bernina stable.

As well as a good selection of the Bernette range, we also stock a range of Bernette Overlockers too.

A photo of Bernette Sewing Machines in our showroom, at Bambers.

Bernette Sewing Machines

Bernette offer a good range of sturdy, well constructed machines at affordable prices. Mechanical and electronic machines make up the range making them ideal machines for schools and classrooms.

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Bernette Overlockers

Whether you’re looking for a simple overlocker, a coverstitch machine or an overlock/coverstitch combo machine, the FUNLOCK model will inspire you!

Bernette overlockers feature excellent stitch quality, robust construction and comprehensive equipment, including all the most important features.

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A photo of Bernette Overlockers at Bambers, in Manchester.

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