Photo of alan and steve bamber in the van en route to a brother pr6 service call.,

Brother PR670e Embroidery Machine

Stationary lines of Broad shouldered trucks towered above us. Steve and I were returning a PR670e to a nice lady in Horsham, in West Sussex. She uses her multi-needle Brother PR670e embroidery machine to  create and sell personalised baby wear. She also produces embroidered pet wear, along with some embroidered workwear. We’ve helped to set up embroidery businesses right across the fair counties of Sussex, Kent and Essex. As well as everywhere else, of course. 

Meanwhile the M6 was closed at junction 12 southbound. Miles of queues and long delays, but a nasty looking accident at the end. 

The previous week, Steve had collected the lady’s PR670 for service. She’d phoned a few weeks earlier to book the collection. After carefully placing her embroidery machine in the van, he took out one of our free loan Brother PR680W’s. So, the lady could now continue without interruption to her embroidery business. She was very grateful. The free loan of a PR680W is something we offer to anyone who buys a Brother six, or ten, needle embroidery machine from us.

Once in our workshop Shahid stripped down the Brother PR670e. Shedders then went through our usual multi-point service procedure. In addition to the standard replacement of needles, he replaced the lower tension felts. Also, this model had the old style needle plate base. So he replaced it with a new modified base, which includes both the fixed and moveable knives. This part generally improves the cutting of the embroidery threads. And as a consequence, leads to fewer error messages. 

Once all the mechanisms had been cleaned, and where necessary, reset, it was time to lubricate the PR670e. We use all four of the factory recommended lubricants. This is always important for a smooth running machine. Especially on the top shaft. Then, after cleaning and replacing all the covers, it was time for the first test sew. Shedders continued with the service procedures until he was happy. So the service on this Brother PR670e embroidery machine was complete.
Shedders is very thorough with all the work that comes through our workshop.

Photo of SHedders in our workshop servicing a Brother PR670e
photo of the fixed and moveable knife base on a brother pr embroidery machine.

By the way
We offer a free loan PR680W to all our ‘PR’ customers. It’s an unbeatable deal and worth far more than any discount or freebie. 

So now we were on the return leg, returning her PR670 after a full repair and workshop service. The M6 road closure was one of the worst, but we finally cleared the jam and got back on track. 

We arrived at the M6 toll road services far later than planned. But, as I said to the two ladies selling Remembrance Day poppies – better to arrive late…. They both agreed and I wished them both well. I find the fitting of the pin that holds the poppy a bit of an awkward blighter.  In, out, and in agin.

We continued. But then there was another closure on M42. And then later, a section of   the M25 was closed due to a broken down Range Rover. It was a black one, in case you wondered. 

We arrived at last and swopped the two embroidery machines over. The lady was very nice and kind and offered us both a cup of tea. Much needed, after our trip. Stevie and I stood and chatted with the lady and her husband in their smart and bright home. She spoke of her embroidery business and the online sales of her embroidered clothing. Like many of our customers, she reported that her embroidery sales were largely seasonal. Christmas was her busiest time. Embroidered Christmas socks are always popular.

Then it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and left. A storm was blowing in and we didn’t want to be caught within its spite. So we buckled up and turned the van for home.

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