Brother Presser Feet

There are so many Brother presser feet available, for every type of project. So we’ve tried to make the choices easier for you by breaking the listings into categories. In each product we’ve listed the Brother models each foot will fit. If you need any help with your choice then please phone or email us, we are always happy to help.

To help you select the right foot we have broken them down into sewing types. 

General Sewing

On this page you will find an assortment of general sewing feet. There is more to sewing than taking up trousers, so to speak, and here are the feet to help you grow.

So take a look through the range to see if anything appeals. We are always ready and waiting to help you make the right choice.

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Feet for Quilting

Feet for quilting and patchwork projects are very popular. Many sewers will find themselves entering the work of quilting at some point. Once you do it can become very addictive. Then you will need some extra feet to enjoy your new hobby even more.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure which foot is best for you, or your machine. We are always here to help.

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Decorative & Embellishment

Here is the Brother Decorative and embellishment feet category. Each of the feet listed will produce various results when you use the. Sometimes the techniques require some time to master.

So it pays to practise with the new foot on some scrap fabric before you start the next important project.machine.

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Brother Machine Types

There is a vast array of presser feet for Brother machines that do all kinds of clever things.
Of course, it’s not one size fits all. You will need to select the right presser foot for the type of machine you use.

To help you find the right one we have listed below the different ‘types’ of Brother sewing machine A-L. We have listed all the machine models under each type for Europe and America/Canada too as they often use different product codes.

Type A
Europe: XP1, XP2
America: XP1, XP2

Type B
Europe: XV
America: XV8550D

Type C
Europe: XJ1, XE1, BP3600
America: XJ1, XE1

Type D
Europe: V5, 5LE, 7, VQ2, V3, V3SE, V3LE
America: BQ2450, 3050, VM5100, 5200, 6200D, BP2100, BP2150L, VE2200, VE2300

Type E
Europe: NV2600, NV1040SE, 1100, 1300, 1800Q, NV800E, NV850E
America: BQ3500D, JA4500, NQ3600D, BQ950, 1350, PS500, 700, NQ575, 575PRW, 700, 700PRW, 900, 1300, 3600D, BP1400E, BP1430L, JA1430, NQ1600E

Type F
Europe: F480, F400, F410, F420, F460, NV440E
America: NS2750D, SE1900. JA1455, NQ470L, SB3150, NS1150E, PE800, PE810L, PE830DL

Type G
Europe: JS70E, ML600, 750, NV10, NV10A, NV15, NV25, NV27SE, NV30
America: NS40E, ST50HD, 150HDH

​​​​​​​Type H
Europe: M270, 280D, A16, A50, A80, A150, 60SE, M230, M240ED
America: LB5000, LB6950, LB7000, NS1750D, NV180, 960DL, SE600, SE625, NS80E, 80PRW, 80TL, PE460L, PE535, PE550D

Type I
Europe: CS10S, CS70S, CS120WTS, CX70PES, DS120X, FS20S, FS40S, FS60X, FS70WTX, 60X, 80X, GP60X, X1100, FS60X, FS80X
America: CS5055, 6000XL, 7000X, CP60X, 80X, 100X, XS6070, CE1010, 6080T, 6085T, ND50E, SH7700

Type J
Europe: CS10, CS70, CS120WT, CX70PE, DS120S, FS20, FS40, FS60S, FS70WTS, FS100WT
America: CS6000I, CS7000I, CE7070PRW, CS5055PRW, 7130, 7205, 8800PRW, DZ3000, HC1850, SB1000T, SC707, 9500, SM8270, SQ9285, 9310, XR3340, 9550PRW, XS2070, 2080, 2100

Type K
Europe: HF27, HF37, XT27, XT37
America: SB530T, ST371HD, ST531HD, PS200T

Type L
Europe: BN27, BQ17, BQ25, RH127, RH137, RL417, RL425, XN1700, XN2500, XQ2700, XQ3700
America: BM2800, BM3700, BM3850, GX37, SB170, SM2700, SM3701, XL2800, XL3850, XM2701, XM3700, XR3774, PS100

Type M
Europe: AZ14, AZ17, J14S, J17S, KD144S, KE14S, JX17FE, X14S, X17S
America: BX3000, FB1757T, JS60, JS2135, JX3135F, LX3817, LX3817A, SM1400, SM1704, SM1738D, VX1445, VX3250F, XM1010

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