Hooping Up

When it comes to hooping up an embroidery project, there are a few points to bear in mind. In this post we’ll go through a few simple steps to help ensure you get it right.

Choose the Correct Size…

Most embroidery machines come with at least two sizes of embroidery hoop or frame. One smaller, one larger. Which to choose. You should always try to choose the smallest hoop/frame that your embroidery design will fit in. Choosing a large frame for a small design leaves the potential for ‘pull’ in your garment or fabric. Of course this isn’t always possible depending on what it is that your actually embroidering onto.

Flat not Stretched…

Do not stretch your garment inside the embroidery hoop. Just ensure it is flat. Otherwise the fabric will often pucker. Stabilisers and backings fix the fabric in place. Choose the type with a glue bead, such as interfacing. Iron in place from the garment side only.
Or use a temporary and light adhesive spray such as 505 on those stabilisers and backings with no glue.

Common Faults

The most common fault is an embroidery design with a gap between the filled area, and an outline. This is usually caused by slack.

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