Janome Memorycraft 7700 QCP Service

This Janome Memorycraft 7700 QCP service job appeared in the workshop. All sewing machines benefit from regular maintenance. It keeps them working well, sewing well and extends their life. After reading the customers note, we stripped the machine of its covers. Next we take it over to our compressor. The high pressure air blows away years of dust, threads and lint. Now we can see what we’re looking at.


Checks and Resets

At this stage we begin our checks and resets. On every repair sheet is a list of what must be tested. Dad made the list many years ago. So we systematically test every timing, position, height and movement of all the mechanisms. This can take some time, especially if a timing has to be reset.


The modern sewing machine requires lubrication. However, only in certain places. Most of the drop-in bobbin raceways should not be lubricated. The hook is metal, while the bobbincase is plastic, or nylon. Many of the shafts are now separated from internal bushes by a nylon or silicone washer. So they need as much oil or, in some cases, only certain types of grease should be used.


Upper and lower Tensions must always be checked. They can become clogged up with thread and lint. Especially if the machine belongs to a quilter. Quilters tend to use their sewing machines often, and for extended periods. Trapped threads and lints will often have a detrimental effect on the tension. And many modern tension units are controlled by a stepper motor. These have to be tested and calibrated for best results.


It is usually at this stage that we phone our customer with an estimate. Once we can see what is required to service and, if required, repair their machine. We phone them with all the details. Our estimates are free and our customer can agree or decline any estimate.


Once all the checks and resets are completed, it’s time to rebuild the machine. The covers are cleaned and carefully replaced and refitted. Care must be taken with circuit board connectors and position lugs.

First Sew Test

Once all the covers are replaced, it’s time for the first sew test. We fit a new Schmetz needle – usually a size 90 universal. Then we thread the machine with Gutermann Sew-all thread. We then go through our sew test and check the tensions and stitch formations. Any adjustments required will be made to balance the tensions and the stitching.

Final Sew Test

Once any adjustments to the tensions have been completed, we then carry out a final sew test. Once we are happy with the quality of the stitching, we give the machine a final clean. It’s then time to write up our report on the repair sheet. Any parts used are listed. And we write down the details of any adjustments or resets we’ve made. Our customer can then see all the work we’ve carried out, and see the checklist.

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