We stock a great range of overlockers across all the main brands. If you need any help with your choice then please phone or email us, we are always happy to help.

A photo of Babylock Overlockers in our showroom.


Babylock Overlockers have always been well known for their build quality. The air threading system is also one of the main features of the Babylock range.

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We stock a select range of Bernina overlockers. They feature electric air threading, slide-on tables and knee lifts along with pleny of other features.

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A photo of Bernina overlockers in our showroom at Bambers, Manchester.
A photo of Janome Overlockers in our showrooom at Bambers in Manchester.


We’ve stocked Janome overlockers for years and always had faith in them. We even used them in our first overlocker classroom in the Oldham Street shop. Back then we used the Janome 634D overlocker to teach the various techniques.

All Janome overlockers are well made and are built to last.

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Whether you’re looking for a simple overlocker, a coverstitch machine or an overlock/coverstitch combo machine, the FUNLOCK model will inspire you!

Bernette overlockers feature excellent stitch quality, robust construction and comprehensive equipment, including all the most important features.

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A photo of Bernette Overlockers in our showroom at Bambers in Manchester.
A photo of Juki Overlockers in our showroom at Bambers Manchester.


The Juki name remains unfamiliar to many UK sewers. However, be assured they are a premier brand that represents quality and durability.

Alan and Steve only stock the makes and models they have faith in. We certainly have faith in the Juki brand.

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Brother have a tried and trusted reputation worldwide for sewing, overlocking and embroidery machines.

Brother overlockers are simple to use and perfect for the home-sewer.

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