Babylock Victory Overlocker



The Baby Lock Victory is an advanced home serger including Jet-Air Threading™

Key Features:

  • Jet-air system
  • 1500 stitches per minute
  • Stitch width adjustment
  • 4/3/2-threads
  • LED sewing light
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Baby Lock Victory Overlocker comes at a price. So why should you pay the extra, is the obvious question. After all, you can buy a good quality overlocker for less.
In a nutshell – Beautiful Overlocking and Ease of Use.
Let me explain.

Firstly, the Victory has air threading loopers. If there’s one thing that many people are afeared of, when it comes to overlockers. It’s threading the loopers. How many times have I heard people say so. I’ve lost count. So for eyes that are no longer as young as once they were. Or anyone looking for the minimum amount of fuss. The Victory is an excellent choice. You simply push the threads into a tube, and press a lever. In the blink of an eye your loopers are threaded. This feature will save you hours of fiddling and frustration.

Secondly, the Baby Lock Victory overlocks beautifully. Whether you choose three thread, or four thread. Seams and hems are evenly stitched and well balanced. And this stitch quality continues over a wide range of fabrics. The reason for this is the way the Victory is made. All the internal mechanisms are extremely well crafted. It’s a precision made overlocker.

So it’s the quality of the manufacture, aligned with the air threading system, that you are paying for. In a nutshell – Beautiful Overlocking and Ease of Use.

Jet-air Threading

With just a touch of a lever, thread is sent through the tubular looper. There are no thread guides to make you struggle.

Needle Threading System

Hold the needle threader in place for quick and easy threading with just the touch of a lever.

Automatic Thread Delivery

Set the Victory to the type of stitch you want and get started! The Victory delivers a balanced stitch on any fabric with any type of thread.

Pure Lighting with 2 LED Lights

Clearly see every stitch, fabric and thread color under two bright LED lights.

Adjustable Presser Foot Height up to 6mm

Victory features a higher presser foot height to effortlessly handle thicker and loftier fabric.

Tubular Loopers

There’s no exposed thread, no thread guides and you can thread in any order! Tubular loopers eliminate threading mistakes and protect the thread for more serging freedom.

Differential Feed

We’ve taken the differential feed to a new level by adding a single-unit feed dog mechanism. This ensures stronger feeding as well as consistent gathering on all fabrics.

Looper Drive System

This exclusive Looper Drive System prevents loopers from becoming misaligned or out of time, reducing the possibility of major looper damage. This protects your machine from needing repairs, allowing you to serge worry free!

Advanced Knife Driving and One-Way Clutch System

​​​​​​​Baby Lock has created a knife system with a larger cutting bite that cuts thicker fabric with ease and increased visibility.

Vertical Needle Penetration

While some machines use slanted needles that push and damage fabric, the Victory’s needles are set vertically and sew directly up and down, protecting your fabric and preventing needle deflection.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Auto Rolled Hem

Stitch length can be easily adjusted on a Baby Lock serger using one dial. This dial includes an Automatic Rolled Hem setting that will retract the built-in stitch width finger for a rolled hem finish.

Fabric Support System

The Fabric Support System keeps stitches flat and balanced, no matter what speed, fabric or stitch you choose. The built- in stitch fingers actually move with the knife blade, adjusting the seam concurrently with the cutting width.




  • Jet-air threading
  • Needle threading system
  • Automatic thread delivery
  • 2 led lights
  • Adjustable presser foot height
  • Tubular loopers
  • Differential feed
  • Looper drive system
  • Advanced knife driving
  • One-way clutch system
  • Vertical needle
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Automatic rolled hem
  • Fabric support system

What's in the box

  • Tweezers
  • Needles
  • Spare needle screws
  • Spare cutters
  • Screw driver for needle screws
  • Soft brush with guide to insert the needles


Alan and Steve offer free delivery with your new machine.

​​​​​​​Under normal circumstances delivery normally takes 2-3 days. Your machine will be delivered to your home via one of the main couriers. Alternatively you can choose to have your machine delivered to our shop and collect it yourself at a time that suits you.


Alan and Steve’s Guarantee to you

​​​​​​​Our guarantee covers your Babylock for 2 years and includes parts and labour, but not transport. It may be an idea to retain the box and internal packaging – if you have space.
In the unlikely event that you experience any problems with your machine, please phone us as ‘faults’ can often be rectified over the phone.
​​​​​​​Dad always used to say the workshop is the backbone of our business. From the 1970’s both Alan and Steve learned the trade by starting in the workshop. Since those early days, we have both attended many technical training courses across the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

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