Bernina Embroidery Module M (SDT)


The Bernina Embroidery Module M with Smart Drive Technology (SDT) turns your embroidery-capable BERNINA sewing machine into an embroidery machine.


The Bernina Embroidery Module M with Smart Drive Technology (SDT) turns your embroidery-capable BERNINA sewing machine into an embroidery machine. Providing an additional level of enjoyment to your sewing projects. Bernina provide a range of embroidery frames/hoops in various sizes.

Smart Drive Technology (SDT)

  • Smoother movement and less vibration
  • Quieter embroidery
  • Less loop formation

The Embroidery Module M with BERNINA Smart Drive Technology (SDT) elevates your embroidery experience with enhanced stitch quality, as well as smoother and quieter movement.

Buy Embroidery Designs Online

Along with the many designs and fonts built into your Bernina, there are literally millions of embroidery designs available to buy online.  It should be noted – some designs are better than others. One of the most popular embroidery design sites is Embroidery Online This site offers a huge range of excellent quality designs. Each design is will show a list of information. Size, colours and formats.

Always ensure you choose the correct size of design. In other words, one that will fit into your embroidery frame/hoop. And carefully check that you download the design in the appropriate format for your model of Bernina.

Compatible with the following BERNINA models:

  • B 590 Crystal Edition
  • B 590
  • B 570 QE SE Tula Pink
  • B 570 QE
  • B 540
  • B 500

Backings & Stabilisers

We sell a variety of backings & stabilisers. They will generally improve the quality of your embroidery work. In particular backings & stabilisers help to prevent fabric stretch. For example, when a garment or fabric is placed in the embroidery hoop/frame. The use of soluble stabilisers will help to flatten uneven surfaces such as those found on towels etc. If you embroider fabrics and garments of this type with out the soluble stabiliser, the work tends to sink into the fabric.
To check out our range of backings & stabilisers, listed on our website, please click this link.




Alan and Steve offer free delivery with your new machine.
​​​​​​​Under normal circumstances delivery takes 1 – 2 days – excluding weekends.
Your machine will be delivered to your home via one of the main couriers.
​​​​​​​Alternatively you can choose to collect your machine from our shop at a time that suits you.
​​​​​​​Please just let us know and we’ll be happy to help you.

Please Note.
We only deliver machines to the UK Mainland.
​​​​​​​Although we post parts & accessories worldwide, we do not ship machines outside the UK.


We are Bernina Main Agents.
​​​​​​​Our guarantee covers your Bernina for seven years and includes parts and labour, but not transport. It may be an idea to retain the box and internal packaging – if you have space. In the unlikely event that you experience any problems with your machine, please phone us as ‘faults’ can often be rectified over the phone.
​​​​​​​Dad always used to say the workshop is the backbone of our business. From the 1970’s both Alan and Steve learned the trade by starting in the workshop. Since those early days, we have both attended many technical training courses across the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

As a condition you must have your machine serviced every three years by an approved Bernina Agent.
Service work is chargeable.

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