Bernina & Juki Overlocker Thread Stand


Fits Bernina Overlockers 800 – 1100
Fits Juki Overlockers

This is the Bernina & Juki overlocker thread stand. Sometimes known as a cop stand. Designed to fit the older models of Bernina Overlocker. As well as some of the current Juki’s. It usually suffers damage if the overlocker is kept in a cupboard. During the pulling out and putting away you might break a spool pin, or two.

Fitting the Bernina & Juki Overlocker Thread Stand

The thread stand is fixed in placed by one screw. It also has two small locator pins that fit into the body of the overlocker. And of course the thread mast is screwed into the stand.

        • Remove the screw from the damaged thread stand. Then put the screw somewhere safe – away from the dog and small children. Or anything else that might pinch or scoff the screw.
        • Carefully remove the old stand. Once done, turn it upside down, you will see the screw holding the metal thread mast in place. Take care, and be gentle with the thread mast. It buckles very easily.
        • Remove the mast from the damaged stand.
        • Carefully fit the mast into the new Bernina & Juki Overlocker thread stand.
        • Fix the thread stand into place, and screw it down firmly, but do not over tighten.

Photo of the Thread Stand

I’ve included a photo of our demonstration model Juki 214DE, taken in the shop. This gives you a better idea of where the thread stand fits. As already mentioned – the separate metal thread mast is not included.

Thread Stand Sponge

Please click here to go to the sponge that fits onto this thread stand.

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