Bernina Zigzag non-stick Foot 52C


Thanks to its non-stick coating, the Bernina Zigzag foot with non-stick sole is superbly suited to sewing sticky materials.

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The Bernina Zigzag non-stick Foot 52C can be extremely useful. In certain circumstances it may end up saving the day. A chap appeared, a nice chap. He wanted to sew leather seat covers. He’d sourced a nice quality leather and put it through his sewing machine. And that’s when the problems started. He could only sew a few inches before the leather began to stick. He’d tried the old favourite – kitchen towels, and he’d tried interfacing. All to no avail. So he came in with his machine. Maggie suggested the Bernina non-stick foot. We tried it and it worked like a dream. The non-stick teflon coating slipped across the leather like silk.

So, you may not need this Bernina foot every time you sew. However, when that special project comes along, it will help you sew smoothly across the stick stuff – leathers, plastics & vinyls etc.



These feet will fit

This is type C foot which will only fit the following machines.

Type C: Models: 180, 185

Type C2: Models: 200, 730

Type C3: Models: 435, 450, B560, B580, 640

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