Bernina Q Series Lift Table


Electric Height Adjustment
4 Table Top Storage Bins
2 Folding Leaves
Looks Really Nice

The new Bernina Q Series lift table looks very swish. It’s an electrically powered table. So you press a button and it goes up, or it goes down. Not only that, but you can save four different height settings. Talking of the height, you can set it between 28 and 48 inches. Which is 72 to 121 centimetres.


Also, check out the fancy storage inserts built into the surface. Two of them are deeper for bigger items, like a tin of choccy biscuits. Or fabric, even. Stuff like that.

Smaller or Bigger – Your Choice

The sharp eyed may well have noted this Bernina Q Series Lift Table has two leaves. They of course can be raised or lowered, to make the working area bigger or smaller. Well done if you spotted that.

Bernina Q Series Lift Table Working Area

The working area with the two leaves down is, 49 by 39 inches. Or, 125 by 100 centimetres.
Whereas with the two leaves up, you’ve got, 79 by 39 inches. Or, 200 by 100 centimetres.
Pretty big whichever way you slice it.

The Price is for the Table

Yes, the price is for the table – not the table and the Bernina Q series machine in the photo.

Bernina Lift Table Delivery

Stevie and I usually deliver these large Bernina Q tables ourselves. Well, we’ve been delivering tables and cabinets and the like for years. And of course – you want it upstairs in your ‘sewing room’. No problem at all. Once you’ve decided you want one, just gives us a tinkle. We will organise the delivery, and the carrying up your stairs, and the setup. All we ask is that you remove the clocks and pictures of Great Aunt Maude from you stair walls. And maybe offer us a cup of tea, once we’re aloft.

Bernina Q20

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Bernina Q20 Build

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