Bernina Stitch Length Lever Spring


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The Bernina Stitch Length Lever Spring will prevent the lever being unscrewed. The lever pokes through the hole in the spring. At the other end the two claspers grip the stitch length block. In some cases it may be necessary to remove the fascia from the body of the Bernina. Like the enthusiastic chomper of doughnuts trying to squeeze through the railings. The hole in the spring is embraced by a bulge. This often causes an obstruction and measures must be taken.


Bernina Stitch Length Lever Spring Fitting

The chip on your butty only reaches the zenith of culinary delight when accompanied by a dash of HP sauce. Ask old Gordon Ramsey. He will be sure to confirm my words. Just make sure you catch the blighter in a good mood… And just like the chip and the dash. The spring, often requires a lever. The two go together you see. So click this link my friend, and you will find the lever.


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