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The Bernina stitch length lever can become damaged over time. Especially when we consider it fits the older generation of Berninas. You’ll find him in models such as the old 801, and the like. The sort you may have used at school in your needlework lessons. Trouble begins if he takes a bad knock. It can put a funny bend in him. And then usually that’s him done for. Even a hot bath, a nip of whisky and a volume of a favourite poet won’t help. Although it works wonders for me!

Intrepid types…

The intrepid type might tighten their belt and carry him down to the shed for some ‘straightening out’. Generally, that makes the whole thing one heck of a lot worse. Save your bother and just buy a new one. Don’t forget to carefully – steady now – refit the spring clip. I’ll list that and link it. Under no circumstances grip this lever with your pliers. You will only strip the thread and end up back in the soup.

In days gone by…

In days gone by (1970’s & 80’s) I used to service hundreds of Berninas in schools & colleges. Mainly the old 807’s, 801’s, 830’s and the odd 930. I travelled to all the boroughs of Manchester and Liverpool. The Bernina Stitch Length Lever was always a part to be checked. On every third of fifth Bernina, it had been damaged. So I’d reach for that drawer in my toolbox and take out a new one. I always kept a dozen or so in my toolbox drawer. And in some cases the fascia had to be removed from the body of the machine.

Here’s the link….

Here’s the link I mentioned earlier. Click here for the Bernina Stitch Length Lever Spring. Now be careful to check your old spring. It is quite often the case that the spring can become bent or twisted. The job of the spring is to prevent the lever being completely unscrewed when making adjustments to the length.

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