Brother Foot Control Model S


Model S
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This is a Brother Foot Control Model S. It will replace the one you’ve lost. It will also replace the one that has conked out, or gone missing. A foot control often appears to be faithful. Always there, always ready. But if you ever move house, it will scarper. Leaving you, high and dry.

Pull out Cable

This Brother foot control has a pull-out cable. The type that small children and inquisitive types pull out all the way. Try to avoid their company. If you pull out the cable all the way, it won’t retract. Four base rubbers keep the foot control flat on the floor. There’s no wobble. And the wide top cover gives you a little more control than smaller types.

Brother Foot Control Model S will fit these models

  • NV4000
  • NV4000D
  • NV5000
  • NV1
  • NV1e

What should I do if my Brother Foot Control Model S won’t work

Firstly, don’t panic. Unplug your Brother sewing machine. Then unplug your foot control. Push the small jack pin, at the end of the foot control cable, all the way into your machine. These jack pins can often stick, as you push them into place. When they are only half-way in, the foot control won’t work. Plu your machine back in, and try again. If all falis your machine or foot control could require attention. If so, please phone or email us.



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