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Brother Entrepreneur PR1055X Single Head Embroidery Machine

This is the ​​​New ​​​​Brother Entrepreneur PR1055X Single Head Embroidery Machine. With ten needles, and auto needle-threader, you can really ramp up your productivity. Sew a design with up to 10 colours without changing thread. All this makes the PR1055X the perfect Upgrade for your expanding Embroidery Business.

Personal Delivery from Alan & Steve Bamber

Alan and Steve will personally deliver your New Brother PR1055X. We regularly travel the length and breadth of the country.

Fully Guaranteed by Bambers

We Guarantee your New Brother Entrepreneur for 12 Months. Our Guarantee is unlike most others as we cover Parts, Labour and Transport. So if you have a problem, we will come and fix it. Whether you live in Plymouth or Edinburgh.

Free Loan Brother PR680W

When you buy your Brother PR1055X from Bambers, we’ve got you covered. If we ever collect your PR1055X for service or repair, we will leave you a Free Loan Brother PR680W. This will minimise your ‘downtime’.

Brother PR1055X Features


Photo of the ten needle Brother PR1055X

10 Needles and Auto Threader

Speeds up production and makes threading simple!
As the only multi-needle machine with a built-in automatic needle threading system,
you’ll thread each needle in seconds.
And all at the touch of a button.



A photo of the free arm on the Brother PR1055X embroidery machine.

Free Arm and Industrial Style Raceway

The Brother PR1055X free-arm makes embroidering trousers, sleeves and T-shirts a breeze. Especially if you also use the Tubular Frame Table (optional extra)
And the Industrial Style Raceway is extremely tough and durable. Perfect for high-speed embroidery.



A photo showing the WiFi systems on. the Brother PR1055X

WiFi Connectivity

With wireless LAN connectivity, keep track of your embroidery with the My Stitch Monitor mobile app on your iOS or Android™ device. Follow the progress of your project and get alerts when its time to change threads or when your embroidery is finished.




A photo showing one of the many tuition videos available on the Brother PR1055X.

Built-in Tutorial Videos

View 29 tutorial videos directly on the High-Definition LCD display. You can stop, pause, rewind, fast forward and return to the beginning.



A photo showing the LED lighting system on the Brother PR1055X

Adjustable LED Lighting

The effective built-in LED natural lighting system provides adjustable brightness for a more comfortable work area.





Machine Information




Here are the Brother PR1055X features,

Automatic needle threading
Simply press the automatic needle threading button and the upper thread will pass through the needle. It couldn’t be simpler.

An adjustable LED lighting system
The effective built-in LED natural lighting system provides adjustable brightness for a more comfortable work area.

A total of 944 built-in designs
Quickly and simply personalise your projects with a choice of alphabet designs, frame patterns or a selection of embroidery designs.

Built-in monogram styles (3 lettering & 15 frames)
Monogram designs can be created by combining two or three letters. Also, monogram frames can be added.

37 built-in fonts
Customise all your projects with a range of lettering styles and text effects.

Auto split quilting sash
Create beautiful sashing and border patterns sized perfectly for your quilt, up to 118 x 118” (300 x 300mm)! Patterns are split automatically for your selected hoop.

20 Quilting motifs and 5 two-colour quilting sash designs
Choose from 20 different motifs. Expand your creative output by selecting from five two-colour quilting sash designs, which are perfect for creating eye-catching, colourful borders.

26 Stippling and decorative fills
Accurately add stippling or echo stitching to any embroidery design or quilt block, or save the outline, and then choose from 26 new built-in decorative fill patterns. With the embroidery preview mode that is now 40% wider than previous models, see the selected stippling or fill patterns before you begin to stitch.

USB port and Wireless LAN connectivity
Connect a USB device such as a USB flash drive or a card reader/writer. Or transfer your designs wirelessly via PE-Design 11 software.

My Stitch Monitor mobile app
With wireless LAN connectivity, keep track of your embroidery with the My Stitch Monitor mobile app on your iOS or Android ™ device. Follow the progress of your project and get alerts when it’s time to change threads or when your embroidery is finished.

Flexible threading system
Easy threading prevents thread tangles and knots and provides stable thread tension.

Appliqué function
Create appliqués with this useful built-in function, perfect for badges and medallions.

Progress indication bar
Always know the advancement of your project thanks to the visual indicator.

Stitch simulator
Preview how your design pattern will be stitched before starting.

Colour sort function
Minimise the number of thread changes when combining designs.

Embroidery frames
5 different size frames are supplied as standard:
• Extra-large 360 x 200 mm
• Large 180 x 130 mm
• Medium 100 x 100 mm
• Small 60 x 40 mm
• Scanning Frame

Large embroidery area (360 x 200 mm)
The extra-large embroidery area and variety of included and optional frames give you the flexibility to create a multitude of projects from jackets and t-shirts to socks and baby clothes.

Letter input and positioning
Input multiple lines of lettering and then go back and edit many different ways. You can insert elements, divide words or phrases, combine selected words, change the style and size of individual letters and even change the font style of a whole line.

Alignment of text
Easily embroider multiple-line poems, phrases and more. Also allows for left, center and right alignment of text.

No Sew button
Allows you to turn off colour sections of a design for even more creative options.

Single colour embroidery
Quickly and simply convert multi-coloured designs to a single colour, saving you time.

Customise designs on the screen
Powerful editing functions include arranging text, pattern rotation in 1-degree increments and design size change, plus the ability to combine designs and add lettering.

Advanced features for extra versatility
The camera sensor enables you to go up to 1,000 stitches backwards or forwards in a design.

Position scanning
Scan projects in the hoop and display them on the large screen, so you can easily position the design before you start to embroider. Ideal for positioning patterns on necklines or complex quilt squares. Patterns can be re-sized and edited and the angle adjusted as required to suit the garment or project.

My Design Center
Create your own embroidery designs quickly and easily! This powerful and unique feature enables you to create your own designs from clip art, image files or drawing directly on the large touch screen, or scanning line art or illustrations printed on paper.

Built-in camera system
The built-in camera allows you to scan the entire embroidery area and ensures that your projects are perfect. Precisely place your design exactly where you want it every time. It also works with the optional cap and cylinder frames.

Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker
Pair with the built-in camera to automatically position the design for precise embroidery placement. Choose from 9 options for the alignment of embroidery designs.

Embroidery design connection via built-in camera
Thanks to the clever built-in camera system, the embroidery design connection is easy and more precise. Combined with the Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker, you can reposition your design many times in many directions. Perfect for aligning designs for borders and quilt blocks.

Live positioning of embroidery patterns
Real-time viewing of fabric within the embroidery frame to help you place the design exactly where you want it.

Camera positioning sensor
Rotate and position the embroidery exactly where needed, thanks to the built-in camera.

Thread change
Always know when more thread is needed, thanks to this convenient display showing the length of time before the next thread change.

Video tutorials and help guides
View 29 on-screen video tutorials and several built-in help guides that recommend the perfect settings for your PR1055X.

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We have produced a Facebook Group for all our Brother PR embroidery customers. The group has members from across the world. Together, the group provides a useful network for useful advice and tips.
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brother pr1055x plymouth
Brother PR1055X Plymouth



  • 10.1″ high-resolution IPS LCD touch screen
  • Large, clear wide-angle screen
  • Edit on-screen embroidery
  • Customise your settings
  • 13 built-in languages
  • On-screen video tutorials
  • Built-in help guides to find the ideal settings
  • Colour shuffling
  • Cylinder arm
  • 10 needles
  • Easy access to bobbin
  • Table to support extra-large projects
  • Variable speed: 400 to 1,000 stitches per minute
  • Link up to 10 machines via wireless LAN*
  • Automatic frame determination
  • Automatic thread trimmers

What's in the box

  • Accessory case
    • Needle set x 2
    • Pre-wound bobbin x 6
    • Spool net x 10
    • Seam ripper
    • Scissors
    • Tweezers
    • Touch pen
    • Needle changing tool
    • Threader
    • Needle plate spacer
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • Standard screwdriver
    • Allen screwdriver
    • Offset screwdriver
    • Disc shaped screwdriver
    • Wrench (spanner) 13 x 10
    • Oiler
    • Cleaning brush
    • Weight
    • Usb cord clamp
    • Spool mat x 10
    • Spool cap x 10
    • USB cable
    • Embroidery frame (extra large) H 200mm x W 360mm H 7 7/8inches x W 14inches
    • Embroidery frame (large) H 130mm x W 180mm H 5 1/8 inches x W 7 1/8 inches
    • Embroidery frame (medium) H 100mm x W 100mm H 4inches x W 4inches
    • Embroidery frame (small) H 40mm x W 60mm H 1½ inch x W 2 3/8 inches
    • Embroidery sheet (extra large) H 200mm x W 360mm H 7-7/8inches x W 14 inches
    • Embroidery sheet (large) H 130mm x W 180mm H 5 1/8 inches x W 7 1/8 inches
    • Embroidery sheet (medium) H 100mm x W 100mm H 4inches x W 4inches
    • Embroidery sheet (small) H 40mm x W 60mm H 1½ inch x W 2 3/8 inches
    • Embroidery positioning sticker sheets
    • Embroidery frame holder A (With White Corner Cover)
    • Embroidery frame holder B (with light grey corner cover)
    • Operation manual
    • Quick reference guide
    • Wide table


Firstly, Alan and Steve Bamber will personally deliver your new Brother PR680W embroidery machine. We always have done, to customers all over the UK. Secondly, in these uncertain times the lead times are somewhat extended. However, we will endeavour to add you to our delivery schedule as soon as possible. We just ask for your patience.

Brother PR1055X Guarantee

Alan and Steve Guarantee your Brother PR1055X for 12 months.
Our guarantee covers parts, labour and transport. So if you have a problem within the first 12 months, we will come to you and fix it free of charge. Also, should we need to take your PR1055X away for attention in our workshop, we will leave you one of our loan Brother PR machines, free of charge. This will minimise your downtime and help you continue with production.

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