Brother PRH60 Outer Frame


The Brother PRH60 Outer Frame is another that customers ask for. Along with the PRH100, the PRH60 is a frame that comes in for a lot of use.

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The Brother PRH60 Outer Frame is a replacement part. The outer frame may split after heavy duty use. Alternatively, over tightening the thumbscrew might damage the outer embroidery frame. We keep stocks of this and other Brother PR embroidery frames, at Bambers. When the PRH60 outer frame breaks, this replacement part is far cheaper than buying a whole new frame.

In most cases the thumbscrew and nut shouldn’t need replacing. However, if you have been over tightening the screw with a screwdriver, you may have stripped the thread. You will find a new thumbscrew and nut listed below in the Related Products section.

This is generally one of our Stock Items. So we can usually guarantee a speedy delivery.


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A photo of the Brother PRH60 Embroidery Frame on a machine in our showroom.
Brother PRH60 Embroidery Frame
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Brother PR Frame Thumbscrew & Nut
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Once attached to the main PRH60 frame, the PRH60 Outer Frame is compatible with all the Brother PR models.

  • PR600
  • PR600 MkII
  • PR620
  • PR650
  • PR670e
  • PR680W
  • PR1000e
  • PR1050x
  • PR1055x


This is a stock item.
So in most cases you should expect delivery within a day or two. Deliveries to overseas customers may of course take a little longer.

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