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The Brother VR single needle embroidery machine has a free-arm. This one feature makes it far easier to embroider T-shirts, Polo Shirts and any other tubular garment. So it’s a good first step if you plan to create an online embroidery business.

Many of our embroidery businesses started off with a Brother VR embroidery machine. It offers great flexibility, good quality embroidery and reliable durability.

The Brother VR Multi Colour Designs

The Brother VR has a number of multi-coloured designs built-in. You can also upload designs you may have bought from Etsy, etc. Once uploaded, the VR will display the colour order on the screen. You will then thread up the first colour of embroidery thread. When this has been sewn out, the VR will display the next colour. Unthread the first colour, and then thred the second colour of embroidery thread. And so on…

The Brother VR Fonts

The VR has 20 built-in embroidery fonts. Each one comes with upper case, lower case, punctuations and numbers. Use these fonts to create words and names to personalise a range of garments etc.


Brother VR Features

305 built-in patterns
Wide variety of built-in designs including Greek and foral alphabets, decorative and quilt patterns.

4 Spool thread stand
The VR is equipped with a 4 spool thread stand. Ideal for quick thread changes.

Large embroidery area 200 x 200mm (8″ x 8″)
Create large embroidery designs with no need to re-hoop.

Free-arm embroidery
Embroider on shirt pockets, sleeves, jeans pockets, etc.

Thread colour sorting
Adjust the order in which multi-colour embroidery designs are stitched – reducing colour changes and minimising embroidery time.

USB ports
Insert a USB memory stick or connect directly to your PC to send embroidery designs to the VR.

Single colour pattern converter
Push one button to embroider a multicoloured design in a single colour.

20 built-in fonts
A wide range of built-in fonts to personalise your projects.

Large colour LCD touch screen
Easily edit and adjust embroidery designs, add lettering and resize from the touch screen.

Multiple line text input
Allows multiple lines of text to be entered without having to manually reposition.

Easy access to bobbin
Easily replace the bobbin without removing the hoop.

Independent bobbin winder
The built-in independent bobbin winder is quick and easy. Allows you to wind a new bobbin while the machine is embroidering.

Free-motion sewing and quilting
With the included free-motion embroidery kit, the VR can easily be converted to a free-motion embroidery machine. Add free-motion stippling to quilts to achieve a personal finish.

Needle threader
Push-button needle threader makes it quick and easy to get started on your next design. Simply follow the thread guide and press the button to thread the needle.

Built-in learning support
The on-screen guides take you through setup and basic operation to help you get the most from your VR.

Upper and lower thread sensors
Upper and lower thread sensors alert you when a thread is broken or has run out.

Multiple frame sizes
Enjoy a range of frame types and sizes, including tubular for T-shirts and towels, etc. Large frame for quilts, small portrait and landscape frames – perfect for vertical and horizontal pockets.

LED needle pointer
See exactly where the needle will drop and adjust the position accurately with the LED needle pointer.

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