Horn HiLo Mk 2 Sewing Table


The table with a large work surface that has the ability to have its height adjusted.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable height
  • Large work surface
  • Easy mobile lockable wheels
  • Gas lift operation
  • Four colour options
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Horn HiLo Mk2 Sewing Table

The New Horn HILO Mk2 – the table that’s taking the Sewing, Patchwork & Quilting community by storm. Something that we’ve been asked for over and over again in the past is a large work surface that has the ability to have its height adjusted. Well its taken its time and after pain staking development…. its now here! From first viewing what’s immediately obvious is the quality and strength of its build, this gives true support & strength when heavy duty use is required and it has a durable knock resistant edging to put up with years of use. It’s finished with a hard wearing, fresh and tasteful Beech or White veneer AND now in our new Weathered Oak &  American Grey Oak finish too! The main construction is of strong steel in a tasteful gloss white finish and is fitted with easy mobile lockable wheels, which again are of a commercial grade finish. It is capable of adjusting range from a height of 78.5cm to its fullest height of 120cm something that will impress even the mightiest of its users and the overall work area is 102cm (40”) x 152.5cm (60”) . The height adjustment has been improved to a new gas lift operation and is raised quickly and simply by the lifting of a release lever positioned neatly under top surface. But what if space is a problem? No problem another great feature of the HILO is that it allows the table to tilt upwards out of the way so when not needed it can give back valuable floor space to your room, once up it can be used as a handy design wall.

Dimensions153 × 102 × 70 cm



Weathered Oak, American Grey Oak, Beech, White


  • Tilts for storage
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy mobile lockable wheels
  • Cutting mat available
  • Fullest height of 120cm
  • Overall work area is 102cm (40”) x 152.5cm (60”)
  • Gas lift operation


The HiLo is 153cm wide.
Depth 102cm.
Height 70cm at it lowest and 97.5cm at maximum height.


Colour Options

In four colour choices;

Weathered Oak,


American Grey Oak,




Horn cabinets are delivered direct to your door by Horn. Lead time is usually 3-4 weeks after you have placed your order with us. The Horn delivery chap is very nice and he travels the length and breadth of the country delivering and installing Horn cabinets.
He will phone you a day or so beforehand to organise the delivery time. Your Horn Cabinet will arrive complete. The delivery chap only has to fit the castors, handles and set the height of the platform to your machine. In most cases he will be happy to take the cabinet upstairs – but it is at his discretion.


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