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The Janome 219S sewing machine is a low-cost, purely mechanical option, perfect for those who appreciate the simplicity and reliability of non-electronic components. Besides the foot control and the lamp, there are no electronic elements, emphasizing its straightforward design. This model comes equipped with a range of practical stitches suited for daily repairs and basic sewing tasks, making it an ideal choice for everyday fixes around the home, whether you need to shorten trousers or repair a tear in a shirt.

Robust Construction

What sets the Janome 219S apart is its robust construction featuring a proper steel raceway with a steel bobbin case. While this might seem a bit old-fashioned compared to modern drop-in bobbin systems, it’s a design that has stood the test of time due to its durability and reliability.

14 Built-in Stitches

In terms of specifics, the Janome 219S offers 14 built-in stitch choices, including a convenient 4-step buttonhole. This variety allows for flexibility in your sewing projects, from basic seams to more complex decorative stitches. The machine operates with a maximum sewing speed of approximately 750 stitches per minute, making it both efficient and powerful enough for a variety of sewing tasks.

Ease of Use

The machine is designed for ease of use with two dials: one for selecting the stitch and the other for adjusting the stitch length. It also features a freearm for circular sewing, which is especially useful for sleeves and trouser hems, and a manual tension control to adjust for different fabric types. For added convenience, it includes a built-in thread cutter and a snap-on feet system, which facilitates quick changes between tasks.

Compact and Portable

Physically, the Janome 219S is compact and portable, measuring 390mm in width, 150mm in depth, and 280mm in height, and it weighs approximately 6 kg. It also includes practical features like a vertical oscillating hook and a twin needle facility that expands its functionality. The machine comes with a soft cover for protection when not in use and is equipped with a carry handle for easy transport.

All these features make the Janome 219S a practical, robust, and versatile sewing machine, perfect for both beginners and seasoned sewers who value the charm and reliability of mechanical machines.

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