Janome Even Feed Foot with Quilters Guide


The action of this foot helps to prevent layers of fabric from “shifting apart” as they move through the machine.

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One of the most popular Sewing Machine attachments the Even Feed or “Walking Foot” is a clever attachment  designed with a set of built-in feed dogs (teeth) that grip and advance the upper layer of fabric whilst working in unison with the sewing machine feed dogs as they grip the underside of the fabric.  The idea is that this action prevents layers of fabric from moving and “shifting apart” as they move through your sewing machine.

Perfect when you are matching stripes and checks or sewing draylons and velvets. Ideal for making up knitwear or when sewing long seams on curtains especially if matching patterns.  It is also useful when tackling leather, vinyl, or plastics and other difficult to handle materials.

The Even Feet foot is an absolute must for any quilter, used it with a Quilting guide and it helps to maintain perfect parallel lines while you are stitching and keeps the fabric and batting layers from feeding through unevenly.

These Type C feet fit machines that require Top Loading, High Shank, Snap on Feet 7mm




These feet will fit

Top Loading, High Shank, Snap on Feet 7mm

ATELIER3, MC11000, MC10001, MC10000, MC9700, MC9500, MC9000, MC7700QCP, MC6600P

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