Janome Feed Dog 832071016


This Janome Feed Dog will fit MC9000, MC10000 and MC100001. Here at Bambers we keep a wide stock of Janome feeders. Buy online or over the phone.

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Janome Feed Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. This Janome Feed Dog 832071016 is a particular shape and size so it will fit three top end models. As with all feed dogs, they can wear down after prolonged use. The teeth can wear down and even become chipped. So the day may well dawn when you need a new feed dog. Here it is.

This Janome Feed Dog will fit models,

  • MC9000
  • MC10000
  • MC10001


This is a stock item.
So in most cases you should expect delivery within a day or two. Deliveries to overseas customers may of course take a little longer.

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