Janome HD9 Even Feed Foot


Genuine Janome parts

This Janome HD9 Even Feed Foot
is a Genuine Janome Product
From Bamber Sewing Machines

There are several additional feet that you can buy for your sewing machines that may make your task just a little easier. The Janome HD9 Even Feed Foot is one of the most popular. It is generally known as the Walking Foot. While the regular feed dogs on your sewing machine feed your fabric from underneath, the Janome HD9 Even Feed foot simultaneously feeds through the top layer of fabric. In so doing, it helps to eliminate ‘slippage’ especially on long lengths of fabric. In addition, it will reduce the ‘wave’ effect that you can get on knitted fabrics thus preventing jerseys from “stretching out”.

The even feed foot is particularly useful when you’re trying to match stripes and checks. It can help when sewing multiple layers of fabrics together, and is therefore very popular amongst quilters.  However, it’s also invaluable when sewing together fabrics that tend to slip & slide, i.e. silks & satins as well as velvets and corduroys, making it a real staple amongst the dressmakers out there.  And if you’re having difficulty with leather or PVC fabric then a walking foot may be just the thing you need.  Any bag-makers would be wise to have this foot in their arsenal.  It truly is a really useful piece of kit for all sewists out there.

How to Fit the Janome HD9 Even Feed Foot

Attach by screwing the foot onto the presser bar on your machine
Ensure the lever is placed atop the needle bar
Sew as usual

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