Janome HD9


The Janome HD9 for sewing leather or bags is smaller than an industrial machine. It doesn’t need a great big table and it only sews straight stitch. Which is all you need for leather and bags. There’s also a couple of features to make your sewing easier.

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The Janome HD9 is a straight stitch sewing machine with a stout metal body. It offers high speed sewing with a wide sewing area. And all this is teamed with an industrial style raceway, push-button scissors and a speed control. The busy homeworker couldn’t really ask for more.

The Janome HD9 is also an excellent choice for the quilter. Most of you guys have more than one sewing machine. One for this job, and one for another job etc. etc. So the HD9 is one for your consideration. Use it as a workhorse for all your long length quilting work.

The HD9 will make short work of denim, leather and vinyl. It will also sew delicates, dance costumes and prom dresses. And if you have a mountain of trousers to take up, and dresses to let out, the Janome HD9 is a good choice.

Handy Features

  • Good size Reverse Lever
  • Needle Up/Down button
  • Speed Control
  • Scissors
  • Knee lift

The size and position of the reverse lever is handy when you need to back-tack. The needle up/down button speeds up your work. The speed control helps you to be far more accurate over thick seams and corners. And the scissor button also helps to speed up your work. The knee lift is so handy when your hands are full – of leather or bags etc. Just press it with your knee to raise the presser foot.

Use the Janome HD9 for sewing leather or bags

Many people ask for a machine to sew leather or bags. The Janome HD9 is a perfect choice. Especially if you have plans to sew them regularly. It has the power and the precision to sew leather, vinyl, denim, canvas and PVC. In fact it will sew through practically any thick fabric. What’s more, it will do it all day long.

Use Your Loaf

Smaller, cheaper machines will sort of do the job. But not for long. They will either conk out pretty quick. Or require repairs every month or two. So in the end you’ll end up paying more than the cost off the HD9. Use your loaf and buy the HD9. You know it makes sense. Pick up the blower and order one from us over the phone – 0161 707 7786. Or, if you’re the trendy type – buy it here from our website.

Some Questions Answered

What is the best sewing machine for making leather bags?
If you want to make one leather bag, any good quality machine should do the job.
If on the other hand you want to make leather bags as a side line, you need something special. The Janome HD9 will fit the bill very nicely.

What kind of sewing machine do I need to sew leather?
You need one with a strong motor. A good tension unit. A good feed system. And a regulated speed control.
Once again the Janome HD9 has all these features.




  • Variable stitch length up to 6mm
  • Industrial pretension threading
  • Large 225mm/8.85″ work area to the right of the needle
  • Thread diagram printed on machine front
  • Synchronised thread tension lever
  • Up to 10.5lbs of pressure
  • High speed sewing: 800-1,600 spm
  • Simultaneous bobbin winding
  • Pressure indicator window
  • Auto thread cutter
  • Variable speed control
  • Industry-type thread take-up lever

What's in the box

  • Accessory Box
  • Bobbins x 5 (Large Metal)
  • Cloth Guide
  • Hemmer Foot (Narrow)
  • Knee Lifter (Adjustable – Straight)
  • Lint Brush
  • Screwdriver (Small)
  • Screwdriver (Winged)
  • Spool Cap (Large)
  • Spool Holder
  • Spool Net
  • Standard Foot (Foot & Holder Unit)
  • Foot Control – Large White
  • Power Lead
  • Oil, Needles


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Please Note.
We only deliver machines to the UK Mainland.
​​​​​​​Although we post parts & accessories worldwide, we do not ship machines outside the UK.


Alan and Steve’s Guarantee to you

We are Janome Main Agents.
​​​​​​​Our guarantee covers your Janome for one year and includes parts and labour, but not transport. It may be an idea to retain the box and internal packaging – if you have space. In the unlikely event that you experience any problems with your machine, please phone us as ‘faults’ can often be rectified over the phone.
​​​​​​​Dad always used to say the workshop is the backbone of our business. From the 1970’s both Alan and Steve learned the trade by starting in the workshop. Since those early days, we have both attended many technical training courses across the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

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