Madeira Embroidery Thread White 1001


Madeira Embroidery Thread White 1001. 100% natural rayon viscose machine embroidery thread with exceptional high sheen

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Madeira Embroidery Thread White 1001 is a popular choice. Another one of the many we keep in our stocks. Embroidery thread is as good as the price you pay for it. Which is why we recommend Madeira. You can use it on single needle embroidery machines. It’s also perfectly at home on the many multi needle embroidery machines. Including the Brother PR six and ten needle embroidery machines. Maggie and Jenny are always ready to process your online orders, large or small. Alternatively, please feel free to phone the shop. Ask the girls about colours, codes or colour matching. We’re always happy to help.

What can I embroider with Madeira Embroidery Thread

  • Babywear/Baby Clothes
  • Club Logos
  • Workwear
  • Sportswear
  • Horse Gear

Madeira CLASSIC 40 1000M White 1001 Viscose Embroidery Thread

CLASSIC, the worldwide number one, 100% natural rayon viscose machine embroidery thread with exceptional high sheen for sophisticated embroidery work. Made from the highest quality raw materials to ensure unsurpassed tensile strength. Soft and flexible offering outstanding productivity capabilities, perfect for all embellishment styles across all market sectors.

Four different thicknesses have been developed to help obtain the best results and performance for any application. Classic 40 is the global standard and can run up to 1200+ stitches per minute.

Madeira Embroidery Thread White 1001 Specification

  • Needle size* 65/9 – 75/11 – (* Needle recommendations are for standard fabrics and applications)
  • Stitch density 0.4mm
  • dtex 135×2
  • den 120×2
  • 1000m cops
  • Wash up to 95 degrees
  • Cool tumble dry
  • Medium Iron (2 dots)
  • Suitable for dry clean only
  • Not bleach resistant
  • Article No. RI910-1001
  • Colour 1001

Madeira Colour Matching

  • Pantone® similar: 663C


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