Madeira Polyneon Pale Lilac 1911


Madeira Polyneon Pale Lilac 1911
1000 Metre Reel
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This is Madeira Polyneon Pale Lilac 1911 on a 1000 Metre reel. Order online here from our website. Alternatively, order over the phone. Maggie and Jenny will be happy to help you.

Madeira Polyneon Embroidery Thread

Due to its resistance to Chlorine*, POLYNEON is the ideal embroidery thread for denim-wash items, those with frequent staining or requiring frequent or heavy duty washing/laundering. Recommended for sportswear, swimwear, children’s wear and workwear; particularly hotel, catering and food trade items.

*Recommendations for chlorine treatment: max. 20g/l active chlorine.

Temperature: max 30°C (86°F), Time of treatment: max. 30 minutes.

Pantone®: 256C 531C
Pantone® similar: 243C 250C 263C 524C 530C 664C 678C 679C 2071C 2072C 2078C 2085C 2562C 5165C 5175C 5235C 5245C 7436C 7437C

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