Versatile Magnetic Frame PRVMFM


The Versatile Magnetic Frame PRVMFM is just the frame. It doesn’t include the attaching Arm F.


  • 100 x 100 mm (4 x 4″) embroidery area.
  • Perfect for beginners! No catches, no levers, just place the magnets and embroider.
  • Embroider materials up to 2mm thick.
  • Reduces scratching and hoop burn damage to your hooped materials.
  • Use with difficult to hoop and tubular items that cannot be hooped in traditional Clamp M hoops – tote bags, small shirts, embroidery blanks and more!
  • Now you can stitch on the mid and bottom parts of tote bags.
  • Can be used without removing the base embroidery frame from the machine.
  • Scale marks every 10 mm for easy position reference.
  • Can be used with PR655 and above.
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