Service & Repairs

Sewing Machine repairs near me? If you’re in the North West region of England, and your sewing machine requires a service or repair, come to Bambers.
We service and repair most makes and models of domestic sewing machines and overlockers. The exceptions are machines we consider to be unsuitable for repair, or uneconomic for you to spend your money on.
Turnaround times vary depending on our workload and time of year, but generally it’s 2-3 weeks. We always phone with a free estimate.
Please be aware that we are closed on Wednesdays & Sundays

Service & Repair

Sooner or later your sewing machine is going to conk out.
Either because you couldn’t be bothered having it serviced regularly, or you’ve done something wrong to it or, it’s just plain had enough of it all and conked out.

Well look, it’s not the end of the world because the Bamber Boys can nearly always fix a conked out sewing machine, it’s what we’ve been doing since 1946 when Dad first came across a sewing machine on a bomb site in Salford. He repaired it and sold it and… well that’s what we’ve being doing ever since.

When we can’t repair your sewing machine it’s because it’s so old we can no longer get the parts or we don’t think it’s worth spending your brass on it.

Don’t despair!

Anyway, Steve and Shahid are red hot at sorting out conked out sewing machines.
So bring yours in at your own convenience, you don’t need to make an appointment. Just try not to arrive at 9:03am because we like to have a cuppa when we get in and rub the sleep form our eyes before the onslaught begins. Also, please try not to arrive at 4:58pm because we’ve all got families too and they all want us home in time for a bath in front of the fire and supper.

If you live in Sussex, or Surrey or Slough, or similar far flung and exotic places, don’t despair.
Loads of people, just like you, choose to send their precious Berninas etc. up to us here in Manchester to be expertly repaired and serviced. Always make sure your machine is well packed and totally immobilised inside some really sturdy packaging.

How much will it cost me?

How much will it cost me?
A full service on a basic mechanical (that means you select stitches with knobs & dials and not push-button controls) sewing starts at £69.00 plus parts and vat. If you’ve got an electronic (push-button, remember) sewing machine then the price rises. And if you’ve got a top-end sewing and embroidery machine it will cost even more but, one thing you can be assured of, we will always phone you first with a totally free estimate.

We’re all here to
help you.

As a family business we care about our customers and always try our best to offer an excellent service.