A photo of sewing threads at Bambers in Manchester.

Threads for Sewing & Embroidery

Sewing thread, it’s a fairly basic requirement for sewing. It doesn’t mean you should scrimp on it. To create your best work, you need the best quality supplies.

We only supply sewing threads we trust. Good quality at good value. Ones we use ourselves here in the workshop or the demo room.

Below you will find a selection of Moon, Marathon and Madeira threads.

A photo of our Moon overlocker thread at Bambers in Manchester.

Moon Overlocker Thread

A great overlocker sewing thread, perfect for schools. ​​​​​​​Spun polyester, it’s also perfect for overlockers. 1000yd spools.

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Madeira Embroidery Thread

Madeira Embroidery Thread is without doubt the best quality choice for machine embroidery. Along with a high tensile strength and an exceptional sheen, it is soft and flexible. In addition to this it is a 100% natural rayon viscose machine embroidery thread.

So you can use this thread with confidence on your single and multi-needle embroidery machines. As well as that, we choose to use Madeira embroidery thread on all our showroom embroidery machines. It should be noted that we also use Madeira threads to test the many machines, single & multi-needle, coming through our workshop. 

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​​​​​​​Buy 12 reels and get 10% off

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We also stock a range of large 5000m spools in a selection of colours

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A photo of a selection of Madeira embroidery threads.
A photo of a selection of our Marathon embroidery threads, at Bambers in Manchester.

Marathon Embroidery Threads

We have used Marathon Embroidery Threads for several years both on machines in our showroom and on the numerous repairs that come through our workshop. It is a very good quality embroidery thread.

When we demonstrate embroidery machines to customers in our showroom, we need an embroidery thread that sews well and looks good.
When we service or repair embroidery machines in our workshop, we need an embroidery thread that is consistent and can be relied upon.

Marathon embroidery thread is an excellent choice and offers exceptional value for money.

Buy 6 reels and get 5% off
​​​​​​​Buy 12 reels and get 10% off

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Gutermann Sew All

Gutermann Sew All thread is a top-quality sewing thread. We choose to use it on all our demonstration machines in the shop. These include Bernina, Janome and Brother sewing machines. We also use Gutermann Sew-all to test sew all the machines that come into our workshop.

Our test sewing requires a quality thread with reliable consistency. And it produces excellent results every time, on a range of fabric types. It is expensive, but also a very good quality sewing thread. We have a huge range of colours to suit every project.

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